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There are a total of 16401 jokes in 21 categories
I don't like to advocate drugs, alcohol, narcotics...Carys never u mind funny quotes8.94
More Religion QuotesTyler R. Dumas funny quotes7.67
George S. Patonjarrod baimbridge funny quotes7.64
"I'm desperately trying to figure out why...Sun -. Shine funny quotes7.05
"Behind every successful man is a surprised woman."Sundi Jo M. Graham funny quotes7.00
Chet's nuts roasting on an open fireBrid Edwards animal jokes10.0
The bear and the rabbitfishpie animal jokes10.0
One day in the backwoods of West Hollywood...Smart Fool animal jokes10.0
A good lawyer knows the law a great lawyer ...rainSP animal jokes10.0
Mary had a little lambMOS animal jokes10.0
Bar... Grasshoppervic Lee bar jokes10.0
HeartburnBlanaPirahna bar jokes10.0
Douche BagDianthus W bar jokes10.0
Buy Everyone a RoundAnastasia bar jokes10.0
BouncerSam Tucker bar jokes10.0
12 Dayz of ChristmasYvette C holiday jokes9.57
The Top 15 Signs Santa's Elves Are Suffering From Career Burn-Out (Part II)Peter B. Wilson holiday jokes8.25
20 Ways To Confuse Trick-Or-Treaters:C C holiday jokes7.61
Wildest Christmas EverMathman2 holiday jokes7.50
Q. Why did Frosty the Snowman pull down his...Justin M. Bentley holiday jokes6.90
The Hotel/Soap StoryLaura L. Fretz travel & vacation jokes7.83
Parking ticketjoke magus travel & vacation jokes7.75
Airline jokeMatt D. Malkmus travel & vacation jokes7.60
Airline foodManoj Joshi travel & vacation jokes7.50
Friday 13thBrenda Willing travel & vacation jokes7.05
Golf "is" a Drag!Yo Momma sport jokes10.0
Official Rules for Indoor Golfpure bollocks sport jokes10.0
My Exercise DiaryScott Day sport jokes10.0
Iowa Farmer Goes to HellSexbabe sport jokes10.0
Dallas CowboysSome One sport jokes9.50
I'll Be Known As...albert other funny jokes10.0
50 Fun Things to Do at Wal-MartKurt M. Pluck other funny jokes10.0
Insurance sales pitch:...Julia E. Singer other funny jokes10.0
As I was sitting in my chair...Cinder60 other funny jokes10.0
Shower like a ManMel S other funny jokes10.0
In a department store:...tweets signs of our times7.33
"Frog parking only. All others will be toad....Marnie Richards signs of our times7.20
Official sign near door: DoorKylee Phillips signs of our times5.25
A bumper sticker:...Jade Cat signs of our times4.17
Sign seen in London departmentJ Harry signs of our times3.50
Trick questionkyle loucas nerd jokes10.0
TRUCKEdward Haskett nerd jokes10.0
Newfie JokeGary E. Suter nerd jokes10.0
Jungle AccidentJade Cat nerd jokes10.0
Some stupid questions asked of Park RangersNutty EmUk nerd jokes10.0
Physicists do it with simple harmonic motion....Jax just do it9.67
Civil Engineers are responsible for the largest...Jeff R. Janney just do it8.71
Bakers have hot buns....Lance Tabobondung just do it8.20
Tennis players get good depth on their stroke....shankar jayaram just do it7.50
Hackers do it when the system goes down....Gone T. Postal just do it7.25
Murphy's Laws of Combat Operations...Scott Anderson funny laws10.0
Why Sex is Like Snow...dave j. lochner funny laws9.00
Fifth Law of Technical Writing...Fiona L. Holliday funny laws8.00
Ringwald's Law of Household Geometry...~*Angel*~ funny laws7.20
Murphy's Technology Laws...SARA N. DUCEY funny laws7.20
Sarchasm...Gen_Aftertaste funny definitions10.0
ConsciousnessJake r. grumbeck funny definitions9.33
Mushroom ManagementShawn T. Pillow funny definitions9.00
Incestryan j funny definitions7.07
Love...I'm Angel funny definitions7.00
A blind man in a storespike d. fuspfi blind jokes6.00
dicipline your blind kidBecca blind jokes5.93
Seeing Eye DogsTommy K. Barf blind jokes5.75
Blind Man at a BeachWill Greer blind jokes5.57
StargazingKathryn Ellis blind jokes5.00
Woman driver and the treesTyler Luedtke funny bumper stickers9.71
"Women whoPumpkin Pie funny bumper stickers8.00
"All generalizationsjokekiller funny bumper stickers8.00
Those whoChula1010 funny bumper stickers7.00
All generalizationsann h. moose funny bumper stickers6.57
Did you ever wonderLucky A. Shorty crazy jokes10.0
Jack the rippersilverseeker crazy jokes8.57
Have you ever wondered?Marco The Great crazy jokes8.00
the silly kidBaby-Doll crazy jokes6.50
Mop bucketVince Joebob crazy jokes5.50
Airline FoodSara Siddiq food jokes8.00
Most dangerous Food!Lees food jokes7.50
Thin People Don'ttxbaby food jokes7.50
FruitK9mom food jokes7.44
Ten Top Ways to Annoy Your WaiterEarl the man food jokes7.00
car stereoFarzad F. Rad funny ads8.50
This afternoon there will beFlick Funny funny ads6.33
The service will close withCharles W. Menge funny ads4.33
Don't let worry kill youHugo Limberskin funny ads2.50
Don't let worry kill youBen Travis funny ads1.80
I need a bikekaitlyn a. myers little johnny10.0
Cleaning the closetHomie G. Funk little johnny10.0
GarageSarah Clayton little johnny10.0
ParkingThe Bunny Monster little johnny10.0
Nearly lost Momtaylerann little johnny10.0
The prayer said before finalsAndrina T. Phillip school humor10.0
TIPS FOR SURVIVING COLLEGEFather Ted school humor10.0
More fascinating test resultsRyan C. school humor10.0
Bank TellerLori Shake school humor10.0
Whose Job Is It?Lowell E. Parson school humor10.0
The Top 16 Signs Generation-Xers Are Growing UpK T. C top list jokes10.0
15 Things a man can do at Wal-Mart while his wife is taking her sweet old timejacob l. sams top list jokes7.89
20 Ways to Annoy Public Bathroom StallmateWei Gu top list jokes7.80
The Top 15 Things You Don't Want to Hear From Your Stock BrokerJena M. Graham top list jokes7.00
15 excuses when caught sleeping at work~*Angel*~ top list jokes7.00
How can there be self-helpWilliam S. McDarmont funny thoughts10.0
Does 'virgin wool' come fromASS HOLE funny thoughts7.00
CheatingChristina M. Ashworth funny thoughts6.71
The best advice for teenagersRed funny thoughts6.50
When it rains, why don'tAcOuStIcFlAmEs funny thoughts6.20
There are a total of 16401 jokes in 21 categories
Joke of the Day

Posted by Tevin mcguire on 14-Aug-2005
It was spring vacation and my friend wasn't going anywhere. her
mom felt really bad for her so she took her to a spa. she didn't
like that so they dicited to go home early. her mom still felt
sortove bad so she acted like she made a wrong tern and she went
to the beach. what my friend didn't know was that her mom was a
real partier so she was left out in everything! there was this
concert the next day and her mom literly went on the stage and
brung my friend up there. her mom went off the stage and
everybody started to screem my frends name. she got so excited
that she through off her shirt
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